Using Automated Follow-ups For More Money With Less Work


As most smart marketers and business owners will tell you, one of the keys to generating passive income is creating and implementing a well-established (and full) funnel.

OK, so your opt-in pages are optimized, your download pages are monetized, and you encourage more buyers with well-placed upsells and downsells throughout the funnel. 

But what about the follow-up? Do you contact customers about the products or services they didn’t buy? Do you encourage them to use the products they have purchased? Are you making sure they know about all your other wonderful programs? 

If you are not doing each of those things, you’re missing the boat – big time. Its an easy fix, though. It be easily managed with a bit of simple automation, and when done right, it will lead your customers in a smooth flow from one purchase to the next, at the exact right time for them to take advantage of your best offers. 

Segment Your Audience

Most autoresponder services now allow you to target emails based on reader action. Want to sent a follow up email to those who clicked a specific link? Create a segment and mail away. Want to re-engage with those who haven’t opened your emails in a while? Easy to do, and you can potentially recover subscribers who have gone missing. 

In more sophisticated systems, such as Active Campaign, you can dig even deeper, and move people from one series to another based on their buying habits. That way you’ll never promote a product a reader already owns. Not only that, but you’ll always be able to offer the very best next thing, no matter where a subscriber is in your funnel. 

Still another way to segment your list is according to what they do not buy. If a subscriber has been on a list where you’re promoting your top-level coaching program, and she has not yet purchased, it may simply be too expensive for her at this time. Consider moving these readers to an autoresponder series promoting a lower cost option instead. 

All of these tactics require that you know your audience and your products exceptionally well. Study your stats. Know your open and click rates. Pay attention to the promotions that work, as well as those that fall flat. With information in hand, you’ll be better able to effectively segment your lists and make the most of all the parts of your funnel.

Using the right tools

For fully automated follow-up features, I use Active Campaign for my autoresponder. They have a free trial and good training tutorials.

For detailed link tracking, I use ClickMagick. While this will not in and of itself help you automate, it will help you identify behavior and use data, and can be extremely beneficial in helping you design better automation bas on that data.

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