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Facebook ads

Facebook Ads Training Videos

I bought the rights to a Facebook Ads training course, consisting of 40 videos. I am allowed to add it to my own website, but for faster page loading, I have stored the videos elsewhere, and will provide the links here. There are two pages of trainings: Click Here for the 20 Basic Videos Click […]

Audience Hear You Often

How Often Does Your Audience Really Want to Hear from You?

When it comes to relationship marketing, and building solid business relationships with your audience, a certain amount of interaction is vitally important. But is there such a thing as too much interaction? Let’s compare three different scenarios and audiences: Almost everyone has a long lost cousin, friend, or acquaintance who you only hear from once […]

what to mail for list engagement

Better List Engagement: What To Mail

Enticing your readers to join your list is only a small part of your overall list-building goal. A larger consideration is keeping them engaged. Do that right, and they’ll reward you with more sales – not only of your products and services, but those of your JV and affiliate partners as well.  With that said, […]

Split Testing Your Way to Better Conversions

Email marketing is truly a numbers game. The higher your conversion rates, the larger your list will be. The larger your list, the more sales you will make.  But there’s more to improving conversions and growing your list than just creating better offers and attracting more traffic. Each piece of your email list building and […]

Autoresponder Choices: Price vs Power

Aside from time and location freedom, the biggest benefit to starting an online business is the lack of start-up capital required. You don’t have to buy inventory to stock a store. You don’t have to spend a lot on equipment. And you don’t have to shell out cash for employees and insurance and all those […]

Most readers today have short attention spans.  I’m sure that’s not a big surprise to you. In fact, you might even be one to browse the Internet at light speed, too, scanning titles and subheads, skipping to the bottoms of sales pages, and fast-forwarding through videos just so you can get to the next thing.  […]

List Management Solutions: Do This First

One of the most common questions on everyone’s mind when they start thinking about mailing lists is: “Which service should I use?” You’ve probably wondered yourself, and maybe even spent a few hours (or days, or weeks) researching your options.  Wait! This is not the question you should be asking (yet). And it’s exactly why […]

Using Paid Ads To Grow Your List

We’ve been told for years, repeatedly, that “the money is in the list” and that “your mailing list is your biggest business asset.” But, if your list numbers are hovering in the low four-figures – or fewer – with no sign of growth on the horizon, such advice can seem a bit unhelpful.  The fact […]

Tiny List? 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Got a tiny list? You’re not alone. In fact, every single one of the most successful, “have it all” entrepreneurs once had a tiny list. Marie Forleo, Carrie Wilkerson, Denise Duffield-Thomas – they all began with a single subscriber, just like you did.  But, they didn’t let it hold them back. They didn’t commit any […]

Sales On Autopilot

Struggling to keep in touch with your growing mailing list? It’s a common issue. After all, you have all kinds of other business tasks to do. You have to create new products and programs, manage your social media accounts, write new blog posts, record webinars, and coach your clients.  With all that going on, finding […]

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