Public Speaking

Public Speaking Builds Self-Confidence

Why Public Speaking Skills Are Important Even If You Are Not A Public Speaker

The last couple weeks, I have posted about public speaking. Several readers have asked why I am talking about this, when most of my readers (they assume) are not public speakers. That’s a great question! I probably should have led my short series on public speaking with an explanation as to why that is important […]

Practice Public Speaking

Public Speaking And Communication Skills: Practice Makes Perfect

Public speaking is necessary to about 70% of all jobs across the country. It’s one of the most important and dreaded forms of communication, and it goes hand in hand with persuasion. If you can persuade, then you can speak publicly or deliver presentations effectively. If someone has a hard time with one, they will […]

Public Speaking

10 Tips to Overcome Public Speaking Fears

10 tips to help you overcome any fears, nervousness, or anxiety while speaking in public.

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