Facebook Event

Facebook Events can Boost Your Business

Getting back to business basics: You must market your business to your target audience or they won’t know you exist. And when it comes to marketing, why not use every tool available to you? When marketing on Facebook, one tool that is often overlooked is the Facebook Events tool. It’s a great way to get […]

Public Speaking

10 Tips to Overcome Public Speaking Fears

10 tips to help you overcome any fears, nervousness, or anxiety while speaking in public.

Build Relationships Offline

3 Tips for Building Business Relationships Offline

With all the different social media platforms available today, it’s easy to focus your marketing time there, because it’s generally less time consuming to engage from your computer than it is to attend real-life functions and talk to people in your community. However, if you depend solely on social media for your marketing, you’re missing […]

get sponsors for your event

How To Get Sponsors For Your Live Event

There are many different ways you can locate potential sponsors for your events. You can approach customers, vendors, complementary businesses, or even corporations to become sponsors for your event.  Do each of the following fully , and you’ll easily attract sponsors: Know Your Audience –  With everything you do, understanding who your audience is will help […]

profit from live events

Are You Getting The Most Possible Profits From Your Live Event?

The best part of planning and hosting a live event is that you’ll have so many opportunities to earn revenue.  You can make money on ticket sales, t-shirts and premium swag, books, advanced product sales, and even pre-sale tickets for future events. In addition, you can sell recordings of the event itself to attendees and […]

event helpers and volunteers

You’ll Want These People To Help With Your Live Event

When you make the commitment to have a live, in-person event, you’re going to need help. It doesn’t matter if you plan your event in your own home town or if you’re traveling to a faraway location, hiring an event planner and others will save you time, money and headaches. In addition, you can always […]

guarantee perfect live event

How To Guarantee The Perfect Live Event

The first rule when creating products, a new service offering, or planning events, is to understand your audience. This is true no matter what business or market you are in. You must be connected with the pulse of your audience to know in advance whether they can afford your event, want and need what you […]

event runs smooth

These Tips Will Ensure Your Event Runs Smoothly

Having a successful live, in-person event requires a little more work than a webinar or teleseminar, but they are much more profitable and tons more fun. Sure, they take a bit of planning, but if you follow these tips you’ll be well on your way. Have a Clear Objective– You first need to have a […]

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