multichannel automated lead follow up

Using Automated Multichannel Lead Follow-up Strategies


Leads are worthless, unless you follow up with them promptly and consistently.

Many marketers I speak with are following up with leads using only one communications channel, such as email only, or phone calls only, and many of them are doing it manually.

They are leaving a lot of money on the table. Leads need to be followed up with immediately, and using as many communications channels as possible: Text, Voicemail, Email, Messenger Chatbot.

Using the Text In Bulk software, you can automate the Text, Voicemail, and Email channels easily and quickly. This is my recommended software, because it is reliable, works well, has a simple learning curve, and is much less expensive that other options that have ore bells and whistles than most people will ever use.

Here is a video showing how to create a simply follow up automation using text, email, and ringless voice drops:

If you would like a copy of Text In Bulk, you can get it by clicking here.

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