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Technical Tip: Move Bookmarks from Safari to Chrome


I recently (and finally) decided to stop using the Safari web browser. It kept pinwheeling (Apple Users’ term for sitting there doing nothing), and I decided to switch exclusively to the Chrome browser. Chrome rarely hangs up, and seems to run smoothly.

However, I have a lot of bookmarks on Safari, and needed to get them to Chrome.

I mentioned this to someone who said they didn’t know you could do that. As I am sure there are others who might want to do this, and might not know how, I made a short video (about 1 minute) showing how to do that. Written steps are below the video if you prefer.

The sequence to move your bookmarks from the Safari browser to the Chrome browser is:

1) Open Safari
2) Click “File” (at the top of the screen)
3) Click “Export Bookmarks”
4) Select the location you want to save the exported bookmarks (they will be in HTML format)
5) Open Chrome
6) Click “Bookmarks” (at the top of the screen)
7) Click “Bookmark Manager”
8) Click the three dots on the right
9) Click “Import Bookmarks”
10) Select the file you saved from Safari
11) Voila! You are finished. Congrats!

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