high achievers and mindset coaches

The Secret Weapon of High-Achievers

High achievers – in both the online and the corporate world – generally have positive attitudes, know how to take action, and know how to ask for help. They are also not afraid to bring in coaches or mentors to help them improve their leadership and planning skills. Who wants to be around pessimistic people? […]

business or hobby

Do You Have a Business or a Hobby?

Online business owners – of all types, from affiliate marketers to store owners to coaches – can easily “open their doors for business” without a firm business plan in place. Some may test the waters to see if they attract any clients and some start out doing this online work as a side gig while […]

customer says no on linkedin

Get Results From LinkedIn Even When They Say No

Even after doing all your target market analysis and creating your client avatar, some people will still say “No” to your products and services. The reasons can be numerous – anything from the price is not affordable to not understanding the benefits you’re offering – but these responses are never reasons to give up. Remember […]

multichannel automated lead follow up

Using Automated Multichannel Lead Follow-up Strategies

Leads are worthless, unless you follow up with them promptly and consistently. Many marketers I speak with are following up with leads using only one communications channel, such as email only, or phone calls only, and many of them are doing it manually. They are leaving a lot of money on the table. Leads need […]

Facebook ads

Facebook Ads Training Videos

I bought the rights to a Facebook Ads training course, consisting of 40 videos. I am allowed to add it to my own website, but for faster page loading, I have stored the videos elsewhere, and will provide the links here. There are two pages of trainings: Click Here for the 20 Basic Videos Click […]

10x results

10X Your Results By Contacting Leads Within Minutes

The number one way to increase your ad ROI is to implement systems that better manage the timeliness of lead follow up. Why can one business get more than 10 times the results from a lead campaign as other firms using the same ad strategies and targeting? In most cases, it has little to do […]


Facebook Ending P2P Payments? If so, what solutions are available?

Facebook has discontinued P2P Payments, where you can pay people directly on Facebook, through Messenger, in the UK and France. These are the two countries that first offered P2P Payments, and it leads me to wonder how soon the rest of the P2P Payment countries will come off line. Facebook stated it has numerous money […]

Twilio Tip for buying phone numbers

Before Getting Your Next Outbound Sales Phone Number, Do This First

B sure you are getting a good, clean number that isn’t already flagged for phone spam or telemarketing. Here’s how.

Public Speaking Builds Self-Confidence

Why Public Speaking Skills Are Important Even If You Are Not A Public Speaker

The last couple weeks, I have posted about public speaking. Several readers have asked why I am talking about this, when most of my readers (they assume) are not public speakers. That’s a great question! I probably should have led my short series on public speaking with an explanation as to why that is important […]

Practice Public Speaking

Public Speaking And Communication Skills: Practice Makes Perfect

Public speaking is necessary to about 70% of all jobs across the country. It’s one of the most important and dreaded forms of communication, and it goes hand in hand with persuasion. If you can persuade, then you can speak publicly or deliver presentations effectively. If someone has a hard time with one, they will […]

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