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Facebook Messenger Policy Changes as of 4 March 2020


Today, Facebook Messenger instituted some major policy changes.

Here are the major changes (see chart below for comparisons to the previous policy):

  1. Facebook announced changes to its Messenger policies. They will take effect on March 4, 2020. 
  2. Businesses are only allowed to message subscribers within 24 hours since the last interaction with a Business’s Facebook page. This is now generally knowns as the “24-hour messaging window.” 
  3. Sending Promotional content is still allowed within the 24-hour messaging window. 
  4. Messages sent outside this 24-hour window must be tagged with one of four Message Tags. The tags are Confirmed Event Update, Post-Purchase Update, Account Update, or Human Agent. 
  5. One-Time Notifications (OTN): You’re able to send a single message to users who opted-in to receive it. The OTN will allow you to send messages beyond 24 hours. This should be used for use cases that don’t fall into the definition of the four Message Tags. Clever Messenger pushed the OTN Request Card. You can find it the Flow Composer.
  6. Important: Messages that do not have a Message Tag will not deliver outside the 24-hour window as of March 4, 2020. 

The above information was taken from Clever Messenger’s Blog. Click here to read the full post which contains much more detailed information.

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