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I bought the rights to a Facebook Ads training course, consisting of 40 videos. I am allowed to add it to my own website, but for faster page loading, I have stored the videos elsewhere, and will provide the links here.

There are two pages of trainings:

The video index is as follows:

Basic Videos:

  1. Overview
  2. Creating A Page
  3. Promoting The Page
  4. Promoting The Page Part 2
  5. Promoting The Page Part 3
  6. Promoting Your Business Locally
  7. Promoting a Specific Website
  8. Promoting a Specific Website Part 2 – Going To Business Manager
  9. Promoting a Specific Website Part 3
  10. Promoting a Specific Website Part 4
  11. Setting Up Your Payment Method
  12. Collecting Lead Information with Forms
  13. Using the Automated Advertising Platform
  14. Creating an Audience in the Ad Platform
  15. Creating An Audience From the Business Manager-Mailchimp-Import
  16. Creating A Audience From A Customer List – CSV
  17. Creating a Lookalike Audience
  18. Creating A Saved Audience
  19. Sharing An Audience With Another Business
  20. Conclusion

Advanced Videos:

  1. Overview
  2. Creating A Custom Audience for Retargeting
  3. Connecting the Audience
  4. Creating The Advertisement
  5. Custom Audience for Retargeting Existing Customers
  6. Custom Audience for Retargeting Our Existing Customer List – Part 2 – The Creative
  7. Expanding Your Successful Campaign with Additional Audiences
  8. Setting Up the Tracking Pixel
  9. Setting Up Tracking for Offline Events
  10. Setting Up Tracking for Video Engagement
  11. Setting Up Tracking for Instagram
  12. Setting Up Tracking for Lead Ads Forms
  13. Setting Up Tracking for Individuals That Came to a Facebook Event
  14. Setting Up Tracking and Individuals Interacting with our Facebook Page
  15. Live Example – Create A Page
  16. Live Example – Track The Page With An Audience
  17. Live Example – Create An Ad Targeting The Page
  18. Live Example – Create An Event On The Page
  19. Live Example – Create An Audience Targeting The Event
  20. Conclusion

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