Product Creation

KISS: One Problem, One Solution

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You begin writing blog post, and the next thing you know, your “quick update” has turned into a rambling, 3,000 word novelette that covers everything from where to find a graphic designer to how to design a business card.  Don’t get me wrong, a 3,000-word blog post can be […]

Finding Ideas For Your Next Product

One of the biggest questions I get – not only from new product creators, but even from seasoned business owners is, “How do I find a good idea?”  What they really mean, of course, is “How do I find an idea that will sell?” No one wants to spend days or weeks or even months […]

5 Tips For Creating An In-Demand Product

One thing that holds many promising entrepreneurs back from launching their business, it’s this: a lack of confidence in their products. Obviously, you think that new course or workshop is a great idea, or you wouldn’t have worked o it, but how do you know it will sell? Even better, how do you know there will […]

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