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Here is a list of books that will be helpful to any entrepreneurs, marketers, business owners, or anyone who wants to improve their life. Most of these I have read, and some have been recommended to me by friends and business associates. If they wanted to be identified, I have done so. Many of them have an affiliate link through Amazon, so be aware that I might earn a commission if you purchase any of them

I have linked the printed hardback version of the book in most cases, but if you click it and prefer the paperback or an audiobook version, most of them will be available as well.

First I’ll list books I have read and personally recommend:

Here are some books recommended by my friend Conrad Deas (he recommends the audiobook version of Can’t Hurt Me, as it has extra commentary):

The following books were recommended to me from various Facebook friends:

The last two in the list are by my Facebook friend Terri Levine. I have not yet read these, but they come highly recommended, and are both on my must-read list:

I hope you find some of these helpful! If you have any book recommendations, please pass them on, and share this post if you think others will get value from it.

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