Create a Course in a Day

Think you don’t have time to create a digital course? Think again. Many of the courses you’ve seen for sale – or maybe even purchased – were created in a single day. For savvy business owners, creating a new course is just a matter of putting the pieces together. If you’ve been in business for […]

Course Pricing Strategies

Struggling with how to price your eCourse? You’re in good company. It’s a struggle all of us online business owners face, and one that can even cause you to put off launching your product – maybe indefinitely.  Sound familiar? These pricing strategies will help:  How much do you want to earn?  Here’s the most basic […]

Choosing the Right Course Format

When choosing what format to release your next course in, there are sometimes too many options. Video? Audio? Written? Live? When it comes to creating course content, you have a dozen or more options, and all of them are useful in their own way, so how can you choose? There are three primary considerations: Your […]

KISS: One Problem, One Solution

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You begin writing blog post, and the next thing you know, your “quick update” has turned into a rambling, 3,000 word novelette that covers everything from where to find a graphic designer to how to design a business card.  Don’t get me wrong, a 3,000-word blog post can be […]

Finding Ideas For Your Next Product

One of the biggest questions I get – not only from new product creators, but even from seasoned business owners is, “How do I find a good idea?”  What they really mean, of course, is “How do I find an idea that will sell?” No one wants to spend days or weeks or even months […]

3 Productivity Hacks to Implement Today

Productivity and efficiency are the popular buzz words recently, as more and more business owners try to make the most of their time during a busy day. No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot do everything yourself when it comes to running your business. Investing in your business not only decreases stress but […]

5 Action Items to Grow Your Business – Do These Today!

Inaction is the death of any business. Without taking regular focused action every single day to grow your business, inaction will cause your business to become stagnant. Clients will disappear, your sales funnel will be empty, and your revenue will dip to zero in a heartbeat. Let’s avoid this scenario!  Here are five action tasks […]

You Need a Support Team

A common piece of advice from business coaches to those who want to grow their business is to hire team members who can do the support work, so you can focus your efforts on money-making tasks. In other words, don’t waste your time doing bookkeeping or answering emails because you’ll make more money selling your […]

Even Coaches Need Coaches

Every success business owner can be ore successful with a coach. Even if you’re in the coaching industry, don’t think you would never have a need for a coach of your own. Seems like a funny thing to think about but even the best coaches could use some help streamlining their businesses or having an […]

3 Steps to a Great Business Plan

Businesses of every type, even coaches, need a business plan. Don’t think you can skip by on this important step because you offer a service instead of a physical product. Every business can benefit from a solid business plan. First Step: Focus on Reasons as Well as Goals When you create a business plan you […]

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