Mindfulness in your business

Being Mindful Within Your Business


Experience is a great teacher. Each day, all of our lives are jam packed with numerous experiences.

Many of these experiences are everyday occurrences. Others are less common. Occasionally, some are so unique that they are literally life changing.

However, every experience, whether mundane or fantastic, can offer us a teaching moment.

Most of us will, hopefully, come away from a unique experience with a fresh perspective. Yet, very few of us grasp the enlightenment that is inherent in the day-today activities that make up the majority of our time.

Buddhists call this awareness of the learning potential in commonplace activities “mindfulness”. Successful business people understand this concept and utilize it to their advantage.

When you begin to be mindful, you see everything that you do has merit. You also realize no matter what you are doing, you are capable of doing it better. 

In business, this means you begin to pay closer attention to each and every task. You understand each task fits into other tasks, and together they comprise the whole of your business enterprise. If you take a shortcut, or cut corners on even the smallest of things, it only serves to undermine the largest, and seemingly most important, jobs. 

Likewise, when you attempt to do the most basic of jobs to the very best of your ability, this mindful mindset will carry over into other areas, and bring a new level of excellence to your entire enterprise.

In conclusion, be sure to use every experience, every day, as a moment to learn. Be mindful of bad or lazy behaviors, and work to change them into more positive and productive actions. Your entire business will benefit from this simple attention to detail.

I am happy to share some techniques form personal experience that can help create this mindful attitude within business. If you would like to discuss them, please let me know.

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