Split Testing Your Way to Better Conversions

Email marketing is truly a numbers game. The higher your conversion rates, the larger your list will be. The larger your list, the more sales you will make.  But there’s more to improving conversions and growing your list than just creating better offers and attracting more traffic. Each piece of your email list building and […]

Autoresponder Choices: Price vs Power

Aside from time and location freedom, the biggest benefit to starting an online business is the lack of start-up capital required. You don’t have to buy inventory to stock a store. You don’t have to spend a lot on equipment. And you don’t have to shell out cash for employees and insurance and all those […]

Most readers today have short attention spans.  I’m sure that’s not a big surprise to you. In fact, you might even be one to browse the Internet at light speed, too, scanning titles and subheads, skipping to the bottoms of sales pages, and fast-forwarding through videos just so you can get to the next thing.  […]

List Management Solutions: Do This First

One of the most common questions on everyone’s mind when they start thinking about mailing lists is: “Which service should I use?” You’ve probably wondered yourself, and maybe even spent a few hours (or days, or weeks) researching your options.  Wait! This is not the question you should be asking (yet). And it’s exactly why […]

Product Creation in 3 Easy Steps

For coaches and trainers in nearly any field or niche, product creation is the best way to: Reach a wider audience Grow your brand Earn more profits So why aren’t more coaches adopting the product creation strategy? Like you, they’re stuck in the process, unsure of the steps to take to create a great product.  […]

Eliminate Your Income Cap

When you trade hours for dollars – whether you’re a business coach or a brain surgeon – your income potential has a cap. There are, after all, only so many hours in the day. You can only book a limited number of coaching hours and VIP days.  Of course, you can (and should) be raising […]

Product Creation Tips for Coaches

Being a coach can be an awesome career. You get to spend your time helping people achieve their goals in a very real way. It’s exhilarating and oh-so-rewarding! But at some point you begin to ask yourself, “How can I reach even more people? How can I help more people reach their goals?” The answer? […]

Create A Product In An Afternoon

How many partially completed products, books, and group coaching programs do you have sitting around on your computer?  If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the answer is a resounding, “Way, way, way too many!” And frankly, the reason you have all of those incomplete books and programs isn’t because you don’t know your subject, or because […]

Are Over-The-Shoulder Training The Secret To A Best Seller?

How compelling is it when you see this on a sales page? “Peek over my shoulder while I…” It doesn’t matter if the seller is demonstrating how to bake a cake or how to build a website, we want to see. There’s just something intriguing about the opportunity to see experts do what they does […]

Blogging Without Writing (Much)

Does the thought of blogging leave you cold? Frighten you? Maybe even get you running from your keyboard? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, if you ask almost any online business owner what their most dreaded task is, blogging will likely rank right up there with bookkeeping and cold calling. With few exceptions, most […]

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